XJC200 comparison microscope has successfully solved the technical problem of relatively narrow edge line width and adjustable consistency (this technology has been listed in the national technical confidentiality project). XJC200 is a product improved and upgraded on the basis of the old product. It not only retains the excellent technical performance of the old product, but also improves its imaging quality and magnification, and adds lighting methods and a variety of accessories, The shape and structure are more beautiful, reasonable and reliable, so that the instrument can give full play to its function of comparative identification.

Comparison microscope XJC200 successfully solved the technical problems of comparing ridge width and consistency adjustable (this technology is included in the national technology security projects), XJC200 is an upgraded product improved on old model, which not only retains excellent technical performances of old model, but also increases its image quality and magnification, increases illumination ways and a variety of accessories, shape, structure more beautiful, reasonable, reliable, and makes the instrument fully plays its functions of comparison and identification.


This product is an ideal instrument for public security, inspection, court on document retrieval, marks checking and school teaching (used for bullets, tool marks, fingerprints, seals, texts, coins comparison and identification), but also for industries and sectors such as banks, archaeology, electronics, biology, agriculture which need to identify on objects to use.


.selecting and adjusting of magnification

.photographing and video recording

. polarized light– traces, scratch marks comparison

. coaxial light– deep hole, smooth surface illumination

. transmission light illumination– photographic film, transparent or translucent objects comparison


transmission illuminator

reticle magnification

tilt table

polarization optical devices

0.3X large objective lens

bullet holder

transmission illuminator

coaxial light

CCD connection tube

camera connection tube

block filter

magnification corrector