LCD digital microscope is a new generation of microscope with Android operating system. It is like a tablet computer and easy to operate.

Support WiFi wireless network and Bluetooth communication, easy to expand applications, adapt to the trend, access the Internet of things and connect everything。

1. Introduce

XJP700 transmitted & reflected polarizing microscope is utilized polarizing light to observe and research the matter which have double refraction features, the user can make single polarizing observation, orthogonal observation, conoscope observation. It is applied in geology, chemicals, physic and leechdom fields, widely used to observe the crystal of liquid macromolecule polymer, biomedical polymer and liquid crystal. It is the ideal instrument for scientific research and universities teaching demo.Features

▲  Adopt infinity optical system and modularization function design.
▲  Infinity long W.D plan objectives, the field of view is widely and clear.
▲  Wide-field plan eyepieces: field number Ф22mm.
▲  Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tensional adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.
▲  Polarizing unit can be move out or into optical path, polarizer and analyzer can be rotated from 0°to 360°.
▲  Rotatable stage, 360° graduated in 1° increments, minimum retardation resolution 6' center adjustable and with tightener Stage vertical effective movement up to 30mm.
▲  Wide voltage range power supply (85-265V 50/60Hz), 6V30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable.
▲  Trinocular can be observation for eyepieces and microphotography in 100% light flux, suits for low illuminance microphotography.


2. Structure


3. Image