The new XJB600 series biological microscope is committed to the exploration of life science. Its simple and easy-to-use operation and clear and bright image quality stimulate students' infinite imagination of the micro life world and help the birth of future scientists.

1. Introduction

XJB600 series biological microscope with elaborate appearance and reliable quality, is beautiful and practical. Its easy operation and clear image inspire students' imagination and interesting of microscopy world, is helpful to explore the mystery of life science. New generation of scientists are born from here.


1) Compact and solid, innovative frame
High rigid but small as XJB600 series is, specially designed for students. The frame with hollow design is lightweight but stable, easy to carry. Pure white body with blue on the both sides, is fresh and vivid.


2) Ergonomics design
According to different interpupillary distances and eyesights of different people, the spacing of binocular tubes can be adjustable from 50mm to 75mm and the left tube with the focusing device, diopter is ±5 adjustable.
Coaxial coarse and fine adjustments on both sides of the frame, are easy to focus by either hand. The tension of coarse knob is adjustable, and the precision of fine knob is 0.002mm. Upper limit design avoids the impact between objective and slide.

2. Image