It is committed to meeting the needs of modern biology teaching, basic medical treatment, scientific research and other different fields. With sufficient workspace, real image restoration and simple macro and micro observation switching, it provides users with a good micro observation experience. The LED upper light source adopts a novel hose design, which makes the operation more simple and labor-saving, reflecting the characteristics of ergonomics.

·CCIS infinity chromatic aberration revise system achieves sharp and high resolution optical images.

·Infinity achromatic objectives produce high quality image contrast and make clearer image.

·With incorporate design in whole unitthe rigidity and shock-resistant capability is stable.

·Ergonomic design in the low-position coarse/fine focusing meets the requirement for the user to long time working.

·To prevent the specimens from broken, XJB700 use the up-stop focusing system.

·The large surface built-in double-plate mechanical stage facilitates easy two specimens handling.

·Replacing the halogen lamp is safe and easy, and so is replacing the optional mirror unit.