Easiest Manipulation, Steady Framework, Flexible Upgrade, Four wave brand at one time, Clear imaging, jarless quality ------XJF500 inverted biological microscope is the potent guarantee of your success.

* Meet your applications for observations of phase contrast, fluorescence, polarization, digital camera and CCD adapter easily. 

* Can be work with homothermal heat stage, patch clamp, assistant stage harmonious. 

* Also can provide optional 96 NUNC. 72mm ultra-long working distance condenser provides enough space for culture dish. 

* Humanization machine design can make you work easily for a long time. 

* Excellent steady quality can improve your work efficiency. 

* Can be configured with four kinds of fluorescence excited parts, which is UV, V, B and G. 

* Can change the observation mode between fluorescence and bright field. 

* Fluorescence device is equipped with 100w mercury lamp box.