Fish Hybridization
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Fish Hybridization
Fish Hybridization

  • Acquisition of images and clips in AVI format from an imaging device provided with DirectShow drivers.

  • Storage of textual data, images and clips in the built-in MultiMedia Catalog database. You can store patient data, analysis results, video clips, images and any other files in one record (accompanying documents of any office software like MS Office, Open Office etc., Adobe or similar applications for extended image processing). The database provides fast and flexible search and spectacular reporting with images, graphs and other features adjusted to your particular needs. Herewith our database can serve the needs of virtually any laboratory or research institution.

  • Automated analysis of sperm concentration and motility on native samples according to WHO recommendations.

  • Automated morphology analysis on stained samples according to strict Krueger criteria.

  • Manual assessment of concentration of white blood cells, immature germ cells, round cells.

  • Vitality. Estimation of the percentage of live spermatozoa is assessed by identifying those with an intact cell membrane, from dye exclusion or by hypotonic swelling.

  • Sperm DNA fragmentation test. Estimation of the percentage of spermatozoa with fragmented DNA (DFI, DNA Fragmentation Index) based on Sperm Chromatin Dispersion method using stains like Halosperm.

  • Manual measurements for special research or other individual tasks.