It is a customizable scientific research grade polarizing microscope with higher imaging clarity, stronger contrast and higher efficiency.

It is used in industrial fields such as construction, material analysis, semiconductor production and testing, as well as natural science fields such as forensic medicine, medical inspection and biological research。


1. Introduce

XJP600 polarizing microscope is utilized polarizing light to observe and research the matter which have double refraction features, enable to observe in single polarizing, orthogonal, iconoscope. It can be applied in geology, chemicals, physic and leech Dom fields, widely used to observe the crystal of liquid macromolecule polymer, biomedical polymer and liquid crystal. It is the ideal instrument for scientific research and universities teaching demo.


▲Adopt infinity optical system.

▲Infinity with strain-free plan achromatic objectives, the field of view is widely and clear.

▲Wide-field plan eyepieces: field number Ф22mm.

▲Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tensional adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.

▲Take-down style polarizer, 360°rotatable, have 0,90,180,270 four scale, located down the aperture diaphragm

▲Impellent style analyzer, 360°rotatable, push in / out from optical path conveniently

▲Rotatable stage, 360° graduated in 1° increments, minimum retardation resolution 6' center adjustable and with tightener.

▲Wide voltage range power supply (85-265V 50/60Hz), 6V30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable.

2. Structure



3. Image