Introduction to product advantages / features

 suitable for medical laboratory, laboratory research and university teaching

 adopting the "integrated" design concept, the ingenious dolphin leaps over the sea in a dynamic moment, and the shape is perfectly integrated

 a new generation of products with international advanced level developed and manufactured by integrating domestic and foreign advantageous resources

 using otics infinite color difference correction optical system, the observation is more flat and comfortable

100 × Water immersion objective lens replaces traditional oil lens

 the original low power dimming objective lens does not need to adjust the brightness when switching from high power to low power

1. Introduce

Perfect Optical System

● High resolution and perfect definition from infinity correct optical system

● 100X water objective instead of 100X oil objective, more be convenient for using

Perfect Appearance Design

● Drop-style integrated appearance design, looks elegant

Perfect Ergonomics Design

● Low position operation, convenient for long-term using

● New wound device for cable, easy to move and keeping

● The changing of objectives can be watched by back side through the back watching window

2. Structure



3. Image