The large platform industrial microscope is equipped with a large moving range of stage, falling illuminator, flat field infinitely long working distance bright and dark field objective lens, large field eyepiece, clear image and good contrast. It is developed for semiconductor industry, silicon wafer manufacturing industry, electronic information industry and metallurgical industry. It is used as an advanced industrial microscope. It can be used for light and dark field observation, falling polarization and DIC observation. It is widely used in factories, research institutions and colleges to detect and analyze silicon wafers, circuit substrates, FPD and precision molds.

1.       Adopt UIS High-resolution, Long working distance, and infinity light path

correcting system objective imaging technology

2.       Extending the multiplexing technology of objective, compatible infinity

objective with all the observation methods. including bright dark field

observation, polarization and also provide with high clear and sharp image in

each observation method.

3.       Aspherical surface Kohler illumination, increasing the viewing brightness.

4.       WF10 XΦ25super wide field Eyepiece, long working distance

metallurgical objective with bright and dark field

5.       The Nosepiece can be equipped with detachable DIC differential interference