This inverted biological microscope provides excellent functions .High resolution and contrast long working distance objectives provide high quality image.High contrast Phase contrast objectives make the figure and configuration of the cells more sharp .The long working distance condenser can contain higher vessels or samples.


1. Introduction

KXD700 Iverted biological microscope is equipped excellent UIS optical system including long working distance plan achromatic objective and wide field plan eyepieces. Compact and steady main fram body is embodiment for the shock resistance. The enable turning out or into condenser system is suited for observation in a high culture dish. The ideal ergonomic desigm is adopted in ths unit and have easier operation and wider space. This is ideal optical instrument for micro observation in celltissue and transmitted liquid tissue, even in dynamic observation in the culture dish tissue. It can be used in scientific research, universities, medical treatment, epidemic prevention, agriculture etc.


2. Structure